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I am building a DIY sous vide bath and am looking at submersible aquarium pumps to circulate water, as these are mostly rated at 33°C I'm wondering if they would break down fairly quickly in a 55°C bath and what other solution I could employee to circulate water.


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This is my build: http://blog.makezine.com/2011/02/17/75-sous-vide-immersion-cooker/
I've been using it almost weekly for over a year and it's been working great.
I used this one quite heavily for several years while I was using my home made water bath and it still works great. I never have had any problems with it.


You might want to look at this diy build, though not sure there is much discussion on the pump.

I've ordered the KORALIA NANO EVOLUTION 900 water pump; I've now tested it a couple of times at 65°C and it works great. My DIY sous vide bath is now ready! Thanks for the help.

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