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I have had success vacuum sealing moist foods by first putting it in a pleat (not zipper) closing plastic bag,sealing that bag by folding over the top and almost sealing it with tape. then placing that bag at the bottom of the vacuum sealer bag.The amount of moisture that leaks out of the inner bag from the small remaking gap, is inconsequential and doesn't reach the vacuum seal. Notice I said moist foods not wet.

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Nice technique. But coming from a guy who cooks sous vide exclusively without a vacuum sealer, I'd like to suggest moist and even liquid foods are easily sealed into ZipLock freezer bags with acceptably low amounts of air left in the bag. I understand the advantage of keeping foods fresh in a sealed bag, and I can understand restaurants using sealed bags for sous vide. But the level of difficulty people have sealing moisture and liquids into a vacuum sealed bag is remarkable. Some write here of keeping frozen stock in ice cube trays to keep it solid during the vacuum seal operation. Another nice trick. Oddly, liquids in a ZipLock bag actually make it easier to remove the remaining air.

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