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I want -eventually- to be able to seal food in liquids for sous vide.
My wife really likes veggies done sous vide, but it is very difficult to get all the air sucked out, and at the higher water bath temps, the bag expands far too much.
I would prefer not to spend the $2k for a chamber type model, but I think I should be saving up, as I can't seem to find a feasible solution.
There are youtube videos of this Vacupack Elite that look promising, and I see a net price of about $700. Yet, the reviews are, especially on, like multi-level marketing, mud-slinging battles.
For now, I'm using a Foodsaver model with a pulse feature, and I can make do.
any ideas/comments out there?

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What I've done with liquids is to place all the ingredients in the bag, freeze it, then vacuum pack it with the FoodSaver.
so far, I have found that freezing the liquids in the bag, leaves a moisture on the plastic and often makes sealing far worse. I have had a better success; freezing the liquid in small containers, even ice cube trays. I just posted a recipe with this technique, but still would like a more perfect solution.
Also, I have been working on a venison recipe, using bourbon, and ha!,.. good Kentucky bourbon doesn't freeze, at least in my -4 freezer.. yeah, I know,.. eat the deer and drink the whiskey..:)
Hmmm, interesting. The only other thing I can think of is to use a much longer bag, so the moisture doesn't reach the seal before the bag is fully evacuated. I also wonder if, given that the product - meat or veg - will be sealed tightly with whatever liquid you're using, you might not need as much of it... This may allow you to get a seal before the liquid migrates up the bag...
I have had better luck using a longer bag, and with the pulse function you can get a seal as the liquid migrates up.
I think I saw somewhere at this site; that using ziplock freezer bags is a good trick for beginners. I also noted that some plastic bags are not suggested for sous vide. So, I am going to try putting all the ingredients,.. and I think you are also right in that you don't need as much liquid - ha!.. more bourbon for drinking - with this cooking process; in a ziplock. Then I'll immerse the ziplock into a tub of water displacing the air and seal the ziplock at the end right at the surface. ... and then, I'll vacuum pack the ziplock bag, essentially double bagging it. It would be interesting to put some kind of ballast - small stones, maybe - in the vacuum bag, and outside of the ziplock, to ensure the whole package sinks, and stays sunk...
geez, I like how piratey that sounds, overkill and all..
Now that you mention it, I also recall reading about the 'double-bagging' technique - excellent. And more bourbon to drink is always a good thing. The stones are a great idea and as for overkill - we cook sous vide - we're all about overkill!! Have a great holiday.
Has anyone tried the ARY VacMaster VP 210? About $850 for a chamber vac sealer.
very nice,.. thank you, Bob!!
I found a few reviews, and they all seem very pleased.

But, I also noticed some reviews for a model: VP112, and it's priced at about $550
the reviews on this model were written by a few folks, mentioning sous vide!

maybe - or hopefully - someone here knows more, I can't thank you enough for the brilliant info.
We have the VP112. Works great and has enough capacity that you can put quart sized mason jars in it. Only downside is that it weighs ~50 lbs and takes up a large footprint (also check clearance of cabinets overhead). And get a good supply of the biggest bags that will fit.
okay, i couldn't help myself...
I bot a VP112,.. and a couple thousand 4mil bags.
I did not have to refinace the house, so - assuming i can seal liquids, I will be pleased. Surely, I'll post my thoughts here..
okay, that sounds like an ominous threat.
Hahahhhahaha, I've been wanting to say hey, I know the feeling of not being to help myself, when I bought my poly science sous vide.
My Dad was comm. Salmon in No Cal, (Albion), for years, I can't hardly bear to eat Salmon any more. Spoiled I guess. I will be interested in how the vp112 works out. I have a Weston pro 2300, and when sealing very watery contents, I use a larger bag, hang it over the edge of the counter top and let her rip !!!! Never have had a problem !!!!
know that overall I am very pleased with the VP112. for better results you do have to improve on the factory settings, but I think a full review should get it's own thread.
Actually, I think I should review all the stuff I've bought. some of this stuff is very frustrating, much more on the error side of trial and error.

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