Sous Vide plus a Pizza Oven?!

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Nice to find a small community sharing the passion of all things Sous Vide.

I've been thinking about the potential that my Sous Vide Supreme opens up when thinking of using it alongside my GFerrari Pizza Divina. Odd combination I know.

I believe that the oven gets to well over 450c and gives the opportunity of high speed crisping with the flavour and texture of sous vide.

My firsrt idea is to sous vide some chicken thighs and then put this pasted with a sweet and sour and chilli glaze into the pizza oven for a minute or so.

Anyone any experience ideas or comments about this combination of equipement?


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I haven't used anything like that but it seems like it would work great. The higher the temperature the faster the sous vided meat would brown and the less it would affect the underlying meat. I'd love to hear how your experiments turn out!

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