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The official PolyScience website lists 3 different models. The ‘Creative’ @ $500, the ‘Chef’ @ $800, and the ‘Classic’ @ $1130. It appears as if this last model is the only one that is available in 240v, and if my exchange rates are correct, that’s 700 to you Brits. At that price, it seems to me that the Grant model reviewed here is the better choice.
Know that I have had the Chef($800) model for over a month now, and I am very pleased. This model and the $500 model are made of a plastic housing, and I prefer this, as I spend spring and summer on a sport fishing boat, and stainless isn’t rust-proof. I also like that it comes in a padded carry case.
Also know, I started sous vide cooking with a Sous Vide Demi, and I’m not nearly as pleased with it. So, much of this compares what is not really comparable, as someone else has already stated. The circulated water is a major difference, and all I can add is a “viva la’difference”. Although it is noted that circulation should be damped when poaching eggs, making the convection of the SVS preferred.
But then, there is the size of the water bath, itself. I have found the Demi to be too small quite often, even cooking for just my wife and myself. The $500 model suggests a max container of 20 liters, and the $800 one is rated up to 30 liters. btw – the 240v model is rated to 45 liters, which I think means you can always use it as a Jacuzzi. But that does lead us the next point. All these units are easily adapted to different container sizes. I went to WalMart and for less than $10 and a pair of kitchen shears, I constructed a plastic, double walled, 23 liter, covered bath. Perfect really, and I can see thru to the contents. I still have a smaller stock pot for smaller/quicker applications, and I’m already considering cutting a notch in a 10 gallon heavier plastic container for when the kids and grandkids are here; otherwise known as restaurant mode. In fact, if I did have a restaurant, I’d have a few of these staged at different temperatures. But that is too much like a real job.
Of another important note is the temperature variation. The website lists them at 0.1c, 0.07c, and 0.05c, respectively. I work in Fs, over here in the colonies, backward as we are; and I can’t see a variation of even .1f degrees. And yet, I see more than 1 degree F variant in the Demi. I have experienced a .5f difference in the results, so I think this is fairly important.
I can complain about PolyScience’s accessories. The containers that they list are too expensive for my liking. The plastic balls for insulation are also expensive and in use just a plain pain in the arse… kool factor, aside.
Also, they list chamber vacuum sealers for $1,500 to $4,000, and this seems far too expensive for some of the new stuff becoming available… ah, but that is another story.

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