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seen this?:

interesting, innit?

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Very interesting, I hadn't seen them before. I'll try to contact them and get some more info. Thanks for the link!
ask away.
Hi @weedy, just thought I'd pass along the interview with the guys from interviewed Underground Circulators in case you didn't see it. I haven't tested out one of their units but the interview might give you some more information about them.

and along the same lines, here's another new one:
SVKitchen has a nice review of that one. We should also have an interview with them next week and it sounds like they will be sending us a demo unit to run through some tests so expect an indepth review of our own at some point too.
Well, I'm a newbe and just purchased a PolyScience professional.
So far so good, no complaints ... except the heafty price tag. I just put in a brisket I corned for the past three days out of Cuisine at Home in at 135, for 1 - 3 days .....
Congrats on joining the rest of us sous viders! Let us know how it turns out!
Sorry for the long overdue reply,
135 degrees for exactly 36 hours. I couldn't have imagined any better result from my first try. To be a little picky, the surface was a little, very little "mushy", the overall tenderness was not quite "fall apart" tender as I expected, but definitely acceptable.
I'm going to give a 4 lb pork belly a try next. (I'll post in the appropriate topic)
We've been using one at work for a month or two and it's worked well. One little tic that annoys me is that it displays only Celcius and has no provision for Fahrenheit. Every time Chef asks me about the proper temp I need to dig out a calculator. Aside from that the unit is very solid. It has a strong heater and can circulate 20 gallons of water.

I'd consider buying one myself if I didn't already have two Sous Vide Supremes.

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