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Anybody have any experience with this vacuum sealer? I was able to pick one up new for $50, so I jumped on it even though I was hoping for something a little more manual.

Now, I'm wondering if I should try to flip it on Ebay and put it towards a Gamesaver model or give this one a shot.

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I haven't used one myself but the reviews on Amazon seem to be mainly good, with a few issues sprinkled in there.
I have been using a 3425 for about a year now. It works well, it will switch over and seal when it detects too much liquid coming out. So it won't empty out the bag. It doesn't have the 2 speed vacuum of the 3460.
I us the pre-made bags from Sausage Maker that makes it fast and easy to use.


Do you have any problems sealing marinades in? I have heard that the seal can be kind of weak if liquids get in the way, and that the automatic models can't do more than one seal.
Sorry I didn't see the follow up question until now. even though I haven't used it for marinades, it does have a feature that you can hit the seal button at any time. You use that to seal the first end of the bag. Then if you watch carefully, press the seal button just as most/all the air is out of the bag.


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