Convotherm Oven anyone?

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Can anyone recommend which oven would be best for a new cafe I'm opening. I've previously had a Baron Convection oven / steamer - and even though it was good, I've heard that the Convotherm is better. Can anyone advise?

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I have several Rational Cook Centers and love them! I have just seen the AutoSham version and it looks good too.
Unless Convotherm have slipped in recent years they are better than Rational and Altosham. More accurate, larger in cooking area and easier to load side ways rather than length ways.
Quality built and engineered,just what you would expect from a German company.

I pioneered Sous Vide cooking in this country in the mid 1980's when only Base One and Rouxl Britannia were providing Sous Vide food commercialy. It bothers me that I never see any mention of the dangers inherent in vaccumm packing and storing raw foods, particularly vegetables!
So, please tell us about those "inherent danagers."


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