Chambered Vacuum Food Sealers- any new, better, cheaper ones?

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Anything in the pipeline?
With sous vide home cooking gaining popularity, I'm hoping someone will offer a Chambered Vacuum Food Sealer geared toward the home cook @ a reasonable price. Right now the
gap (both price & functionality) between a Food Saver & a professional model is huge.

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I guess I'm not sure whether or not you think this price is still too high, but the Vacmaster VP112 chamber vac is geared towards the home cook. You can currently get them for $540, which is significantly more than a food saver, but still much less than a professional chamber vac. By the time you consider the counter space needed to lay out food for sealing with a food saver, you don't loose too much counter real estate with the VP112 either. I don't have one, but it's very tempting at that price.
I absolutely love my Vacmaster VP112. Caveat - I had to get the lid replaced because of cracking (a bad batch of lids) but I absolutely love this thing for both sous vide and simply storing meal leftovers without air. Leftovers become sous-vide-overs and simply need reheating in the water bath.

I wish I'd bought this thing years ago. It gets such a good tight seal and appropriate amounts of liquids aren't a problem. I've sealed broths and soups and roasts and steaks. I've got my unit on top of a printer stand that hold the various sizes of bags. It fits fine on a regular countertop under a regular cupboard.

It's (borderline) portable. I took mine to my in-laws for Thanksgiving and we packed about 17 quarts of turkey stock, some quarts or pounds of meat, and a quarter of a deer that my son got on youth hunt. It doesn't fit in a backpack, but it's portable to the strong.

I don't claim that this is right for you, but I do claim that it's worth your time to investigate, knowing the pricing.

Based on some of the results when I was packaging broth at Thanksgiving, I now do a second seal for liquids. It might be that I had the "seal/melt time" set too low.

Thanks guys, I need to check the Vacmaster VP112 out.It still seems pricey for what it is though.
What type of bags do you guys use for items that won't fit into a standard diameter bag? For example, I cooked a beef rib eye during the Holidays. It did not fit into Food Save type roll bags. I wrapped the meat tightly in Saran wrap, expelled as much air as I could then pit it in a Reynold's turkey cooking bag also purged of air. it worked OK but wonder if anyone has other methods thety could recommend?
Any news of whether the VP112 will be exported to Europe, or of any similar alternatives available in Europe?

From what I can see, the Vacmaster products are all 110V, so not suitable for an individual export even if I could arrange it, but with the cheapest chamber vac I can find here clocking in around 1200 €, I'm hoping someone established will plug the hole in the market!

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