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Does anyone have any experience with the Anova circulator? It really looks like an affordable, practical piece of equipment. Their website is

There is a nice discussion of it at Egullet which is here -

One of the things that really impressed me is the responsiveness of the company to questions and issues that came up on the Egullet discussion thread.

Thanks for any advice.

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Yes, I have an Anova.
I think it's great machine, especially for its $200 price.

It's dead accurate (in total agreement with my Thermapen on water temperature)
It's solidly built, nd easy to open and clean if necessary... in fact I tend to open it after use to let it dry more quickly.
I also like that it's screw on base allows you to direct the water flow

The touch screen is easy to use and intuitive; in 1 degree increments.

it's an excellent choice.
I just received an anova for Christmas. We did the research, compared with others, etc. For the price we could not pass it up. Besides it came in red and looks cool. I'm looking forward to working with it, made eggs today, very yummy! I highly Recommend this for any professional chef wanting a new gadget for home cooking to the avid foodie wanting to up their game
I got one for Christmas too. Excellent nice looking device. First recipe was pork chops with sage. They came out perfect. Love this machine. Only drawback is that your pot needs to be at least 8 inches deep.
that's not much of an unreasonable requirement

I bought a few sizes of polycarbonate Cambro's (although I almost always use this one ) that work perfectly.
I cut a small hole in the Cambro lid for the Anova so that if I need to cover the bin, for a longer cooking time, I can easily.


I got my circulator a week ago and am just getting used to it. I think it is great. I have been looking for instructions on how to cook corn on the cob with it but have not found one yet. Does amy one know how to do this? Time amd te,p.
here you go:

but honestly I'm not sure that's an improvement on just boiling corn.

vegetables are not where I personally find sous vide to shine.
I've had mine for a couple of weeks now and I think it is the greatist cooking thing I have in my kitchen. The pork tenderloin is fantasic.
Just bought one a couple of weeks ago. I cooked chicken breast for 50 people with ease using a large plastic tub wrapped in towels. The chicken breasts came out perfect and had several people tell me how deeply satisfied they were with the meal. Even had a couple of people asking where they can find an Anova for themselves. I am very happy with the purchase and using now for home meals.

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