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Have read your book TWICE! Say I want to use a reverse sphere (prefrozen) on a hot dish. How do I warm it? Cannot find answer in your book. Sorry.
Nice tip about adding a solid to the liquid to be frozen. Too bad cheese or potatoes don't freeze well.

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Hi John, glad you're getting use out of the book! There are several ways to warm the spheres but the easiest is just warming them in hot liquid or water, like using a double boiler or just in a pan on the stove. If you have a sous vide machine you can also warm them in there which will give you a lot more control over the final temperature. I hope that helps some. Thanks and happy cooking! Jason Modernist Cooking Made Easy
Hi Jason,

I enjoyed reading your book on Getting Started and have a question with regards to stopping or prolonging the solidifying of the gel process of caviars. I am not a professional chef. I have recently ordered various products and basic equipment, excited in exploring. I am going to be utilizing several types of the caviar, hopefully as part of a tasting menu but the point made in your book that the process of becoming a solid gel does not stop. Your book was a great introduction to this methodology.
Thanks for the kind words Ed! I haven't tried this myself but Modernist Cuisine suggests heating caviar or spheres to 85°C/185°F for at least 10 minutes in order to stop the gelling process. I hope that helps some. Jason Modernist Cooking Made Easy

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