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Last night i tried to make some cranberries chips with pure-cote and i noticed a few details:

i had 400 grms of cranberries juice and i added 60 grams of pure cote (15%). I blended it for 15 minutes because the guy who introduced me this starch told me that its very important that ammount of time, not sure why.

also i put some xanthan gum in order to make the mix more easy to spread on the silpat.

the problems:

1) change of color: the color of the juice was a nice red, after add the pure cote become pink

2) taste: after being blending and spreading the mix, i noticed a bad taste on the mix, i dont know how to explain it on english but you could feel something sour on it

hope you guys can help me

kind regards

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This is what i found the next day
I haven't done much with Pure-Cote but Modernist Cuisine adds it at a 13% rate, blends it in (pineapple juice, in their case) for 2 minutes, then simmers it for 15 minutes. They let it dry on the sheet for 12-15 hours.

In their parametric they use 12.5% simmered for 4 minutes then dehydrated for 15-18 hours.

I think your change of color is probably just due to the large amount of Pure-Cote added, adding 15% will reduce the color by a lot.
Maybe a dumb question but did you add anything to the cranberry juice? Pure cranberry juice has a pretty weird, sour taste to it.
hi ! thanks for the answer:

1) I just blended the mix of juice (industrial juice btw) but i never simmered the mix more or less because on the instruction about how to use it they say just to blend it.

2) i dont have a acetate sheet, and looks like is very important since i only have a silpat

3) In their parametric they use 12.5% simmered for 4 minutes <<< sorry but what you mean with that ? i didnt get it

thanks for helping me !
Sorry for not being clear in #3. In Modernist Cuisine they have specific recipes and "parametric" recipes, which are like general guidelines. Their guidelines for Pure-Cote was to use it at a 12.5% ratio and to simmer it for 4 minutes before dehyrdrating it.

I wish I had more experience with it to help you out more. Sorry!
I've also reached out to the Reddit community to see if they can help out: Reddit.
i didnt simmered it so i will try that this time ! i will let you know how its works.

pure cote after being simmered get thicker ?

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