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60 - 70 8oz rib eyes for church dinner.

Season, sear, and bag into ice bath to cool.
then fridge until all 60 are processed.
SV to 150F
Ice bath then fridge
Morning of dinner, SV on location to 120, hold until serving time.

I'm am open to suggestions or changes. Bottom line, serve 60 steaks all at one time.

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1) you'll still have unappetizing steaks if you don't sear afterwards.

2) 150f, that's a terrible thing to do to ribeyes.

3) 120f is too low to keep them safe, though if you cook 'em long enough, they should be pasturized, I'd hold at 130.

you need to fire them afterwards, put on a show, get a few folks with some torches to brown them up after, only takes a couple of minutes per and it could be an event.

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