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How do I make this? Agar won't dissolve in oil so I i bloomed gelatine, added it to a simple syrup and emulsified it with the oil. The result was awful. It held its shape but was sweet and opaque. I want clear jelly that tastes like pure olive oil.

Any ideas?

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This is the recipe given at the Harvard Cooking and Science course.

Gelee d’huile d’olive

2.5 leaves gelatin (5gms)
50 gm water
80 gm caster sugar
10 gm glucose syrup
100 g extra virgin olive oil

Soak leaves gelatin in cold water
Boil water, sugar, glucose
Dissolve gelatin in boiling water
Gradually pour olive oil emulsifying with an immersion blender
Pour into container to allow to solidify

It works well for me .
What would be the applications of this recipe? Can it be heated without burning?
I use it to garnish gazpacho in the bowl- pouring soup at the table- but recipe is from ELM. Will try this one today though

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