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I ate at a restaurant that served soup along with a squeeze bottle of "liquid noodles". As soon as the liquid mixture hit the hot soup it turned into a form of chewy udon noodle. Can you tell me how this was done and what additive was used? I can't seem to find anything that would thicken that quickly in a hot liquid.

I received the molecule-r introductory kit for the holidays and have really gotten into it.

Thanks for the help in advance

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Hi @shoegal, for liquid noodles you will want to use Methocel. I'd recommend Methocel A4C, as it works really well because it sets at a lower temperature. Methocel "melts" at lower temperatures and gels at high temperatures (as opposed to most things that do that in reverse).

I'll update the Methocel A4C page today or tomorrow to flesh it out for you and I'll also post the Instant Mushroom Noodles recipe from our Modernist Cooking Made Easy: Getting Started book. I'll update this post once they are live. Thanks and happy cooking!
Thanks for the speedy response Jason- you are awesome!

Can't wait to try them
No problem at all. Here's the link: Methocel A4C Instant Mushroom Noodles. I hope they help you out. And if you enjoy them our book has more than 80 recipes! ;-)

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