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I have been cooking sous vide for a long time, but recently began experimenting with foams, spherification, etc. I have the Modernist Cooking book and thought I followed the directions, but my Balsamic Vinegar Pearls look nothing like the picture. They approach caviar size--not pearl size. I tried the syringe and plastic dropper that came with the Molecular-R kit as well as eye/nose droppers that I bought a the drug store. No big pearls! I am preparing a dinner for a charity later this month and would like to do something interesting. Can you help?

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Hi Judy, I'm sorry you're struggling with the balsamic pearls. The ones in the photograph from our balsamic pearls recipe actually are about caviar size. We tend to refer to small solid gels as "pearls" and small gels with liquid centers as "caviar", that's probably where the confusion came in. To make larger gel balls, I would try using a teaspoon or similar spoon. You would fill the spoon with the liquid then quickly pour it into the oil. I think that would work fine. Hope that helps. Thanks and happy cooking! Jason Modernist Cooking Made Easy

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