Dark turkey meat temps?

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I was planning on deboning a turkey leg and thigh keeping them together and then rolling both side up into 1 large log and take the turkey skin off and rap the log with bacon and fry up the skin later.

Question, I found a chart that says if I cook turkey at an internal temp of 143 degrees I would need to maintain that temp 143 for 10 minutes but is that for white and dark meat?

I did some turkey leg and thigh 2 weeks ago at 151 degrees for 3 hours and it turned out pretty good but why do some people cook there dark meat for up to 12 and even 24 hours? Even the Joule app say to cook Confit Turkey Leg at 149 for 24 hours? I don't know what Confit means but If you just throw a turkey leg and thigh in a bag why 24 hours vs 3 hours?

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I forgot to mention I was going to cook it sous vide.

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