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I am cooking New York strips to rare (125degrees for at least one hour)and I want to cook carrots (183 for one hour). Can I start the carrots off at 125 and after the hour increase the temperature to 183 and continue for a period of time? I have a new Sensaire and am very excited about using it. I realize I will calm down and cook foods to be served at another time!

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I suppose you could, BUT, would it not make more sense to cook the carrots first and then just keep them warm in the (cooled down to 125) bath while the steak cooks?

also, FWIW, I find cooking steak actually "rare" sous vide is a lot less appealing than cooking hot ENOUGH to render the fat... around 130-135 med rare.

Thanks for the input. I was trying to cut my cooking time from 2 hours to less. My carrots turned out fabulous. The steak was overdone for our taste at 125, so I will go with 120 next time. I seared them on a very hot grill (500 degrees) after they came out of the sous vide. I did asparagus with the carrots, but they were overdone. I need to keep experimenting! I love it.

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