Can I Freeze it after Sous Vide?

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I read it somewhere about rapid-chill after sous vide. Basically, from what I understand is that I need to place the pouch (of steak, say) into an ice-water bath for sometime to quickly chill it. My question is that can I place it into a freezer, instead of an ice-water bath, directly after the sous-vide?

When i am ready to eat the earlier prepared sous-vide, can I take it out from the freezer and put it into a microwave for rapid defrost? After the defrost (by microwave), I'd plan to brown the steak by a torch gun. If I do this, is it safe to eat it this way?

My intention of all these is to save time doing the sous vide on days when I am not busy.

Many thanks to any help.

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It's generally best to chill in ice water first, then freeze. That way you don't get irregular ice crystal formation which could muck up the texture.

I'd strongly recommend reheating 5-10 minutes in sous vide, set to the original core temperature. Again, a microwave can do funky things.
Many thanks.

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