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hi. i followed the amazing ruler guide and had 5 bags with 4-5 'flaken' cut short ribs single layer (preseasoned with little marinade) and set the Anova at 131 degrees F for 3.0 hours. Then i removed and placed under broiler for 3-4 mins. for charred effect . flavor was fine but the meat was not as tender as i expected. some of it was chewy . none just fell off the bone. it came out just like how i normally cook under the broiler....
so - i'm thinking i might need to invest in a rack so that the bags can be separated and provide better water circulation? or was it not enough time in the water bath?
please help....thank you!

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Short ribs are very tough, so you would want to cook them longer. The rulers are for tender foods, and say how long it takes to heat through or pasteurize them, but often you will want to cook certain foods longer to tenderize them. I recommend reading this article: How Sous Vide Times Work. Thanks!

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