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Hello, I'm new to sous vide and need your help.
I bought pork at Costco, sous vided it in a ziploc bag, after 30 minutes I found that there was almost a cup of water inside the bag. I checked the bag, no leaking. So basically I just cooked the pork in water just as I did on stove, no advantage of sous vide.
Another time I cooked pork that bought from Costco on stove and also noted much water coming out, light salty.
My question is how to avoid this kind of water situation to enjoy my new sous vide toy. Should I cook on stove first to get the water out, then season and cook sous vide? Thank you.

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You didn't say what pork cut you used but I've cooked Pork Shoulder in my Sous Vide Supreme several times. There is a nice amount of liquid when it's finished but it's not water. It's the juice and fat from the roast and is wonderful especially since I use a dry rub on the roast. It turns to gelatin when chilled and makes a good soup base.

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