How to make gelatin with Carrageenan?

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How do you make gelatin with Iota Carrageenan and Kappa Carrageenan. I know that you need to add calcium salts to the Iota Carrageenan and potassium salts for Kappa Carrageenan to make gelatin. But does anyone know how much of each ingredient to add and do I need to put the salts in the water first and then add the Carrageenan, is there like a special technique to produce gelatin with Carrageenan.

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Hi there James. You can get a lot of information about carrageenen from our guide to carrageenan. Hopefully that'll help you out, it has the whole process for you. I've never actually used salts with carrageenan, what are you trying to gel?
Thanks for your reply Jason, I'm trying to create a plain gel with water using Iota and kappa carrageenan. I would like to get it the same consistency as normal gelatin, I was going to test out the different carrageenan's until I get a mix that is close enough to normal gelatin.
Hello James. Did you ever find out how to correctly do it?

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