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I use the ruler for time and temp, just up to temperature for tender cuts, fish etc.
I am a bit puzzled about the pasteurisation times, though
-for instance, a slab 40 mm thick takes 2:30 to come up to bath temp. This is largely unaffected by the bath temp. But at 60 C the pasteurisation time is only 2:00, even though at 2:00 the meat has theoretically not even reached temperature .

Therefore I was assuming that the pasteurisation times are after the meat has reached bath temp all through.

But if so, then why does thickness come into play? Once the meat has reached the desired temp all through, thickness should make no difference?

Thanks for any info.


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Can't Edit, so I will reply.
Is it because the meat etc will have reached 54 deg way before the 60 deg bath so when it gets to 50.5 C it has already begun being pasteurised?

Sorry....when it has reached 59.5.....

The pasteurization times themselves are the timed once the meat goes into the bath. As you said, the pasteurization really starts once the food reaches 54°C, and that occurs before it's completely heated through. The pasteurization will really work on a curve as the meat heats. I hope that helps some.

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