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I had a Food Saver that was over 5 years old that I bought from Bed Bath and Beyond. It had been setting out in my garage for years. When I got my cerculator, I got the sealer out but it didn't work. I went back to Bed Bath and Beyond to ask them if they had had any problems with these. They told me to bring the old one in and they would fix me up with a new one. I went and got the old and they gave me a newer mocel for the difference in price of ten dollars. I can't believe how far Bed Bath and Beyond will go to keep a happy customer. I will buy all my suplies from them now. They don't handel the Anova products at this time but I told them they should look into it and they said they would.

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Ron, was just at bed, bath, and beyond last week. They were letting everyone know you must have receipt from here on for returns. Reasonable I think. But thought I'd let you know!

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