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I've read through some of the egullet thread and the information on this site and I think I have a decent idea of how sous vide works. I also just got a sous vide magic so I'm all set on the equipment side. However, there seems to be a ton of recipes out there and I'm not sure where to start out and get my feet wet. I'd like to try some simple things first before I get into too complicated things. Thanks

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One of my favorites that is pretty easy is to do is sous vide short ribs. The recipe in my sous vide book is pretty basic. For an even easier version you can even skip the browning of the ribs at the end as well as just serve it with the juice from the bag as an "au jus" instead of making gravy from it.

Just pick out some short ribs that aren't too fatty, since the fat doesn't break down at the low temperatures nearly as fast as it does with roasting or even braising. Lightly salt and pepper the ribs then seal them with a few sprigs of rosemary and a splash of worcestershire sauce. Cook them for 36-48 hours at around 133F.

Just serve them with some mashed potatoes or rice and a side vegetable like green beans.
I really love sous vide eggs. They're easy and you don't even need to bag them, just place them in their shell in the water bath, leave them there for 45 mins to an hour at 64.5°C and enjoy. Or try them scrambled, beat the eggs, vacuum pack and leave them in the bath for 20 to 25 mins at 75°C Incredibly tasty and amazing texture.

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