Time & Temp for Berkshire Pork Chops? (First Post)

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This will be my first cook (other than eggs) in my sous vide set-up (crock pot, DSV temp controller, Ziplocs) and thought these chops would be a good place to start. I've read that times can vary with the type of meat and wondered if I should alter the cooking times and/or temps from the 131* for 12 hours that I see for regular pork. Any guidance will be much appreciated. ADV

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I'd personally do them a little hotter (like 134-138) and much shorter (1-2 hrs)

then a quick sear or crust to finish
WOW! That's a big difference. Have you done Berkshire pork yourself? What would be the "hold" time after the 2 hours? Could I leave them in for another hour or two? They weigh about 10 oz. and are 1-1/2" thick. Thanks for the help. ADV
I'll preface this with I haven't done Berkshire pork specifically but I've done store bought as well as local farm raised from several different farms in my area.

I also tend to prefer sous vide pork done at 138°F, it still has some pink in the middle but has a firmer texture than at 131°F. The tenderness of pork chops can really vary depending where they are cut from but I typically do 2 to 4 hours and in a pinch I've done them up to 12, they get softer at that length but they're still real good.

It sounds like you're leaning towards 4 hours or so and I think that would be just fine. And if they're tender you can definitely get away with 1.5-2 hours like @weedy said.
Well, that settles it. 138 for 3 hours and we'll see what happens. I'm planning for Sat. Night and will report back with the results. Thank you for the quick responses. ADV
I HAVE done Berkshire pork (from D'Artagnan), and I agree that although it would be done in 2 hours for sure, you can certainly leave it for 4 without it being noticeably much different.

have fun!
Can't say I've ever experienced Berkshire pork but pork chops are generally lean and a covering of fat, with little if any connective tissue so don't really benefit from long cooking. I haven't SVd much pork but just under 140F (60C) was the temp I've used.
I'm very pleased to report that my first attempt was a total success. The chops were cooked at 138 and removed after 3-1/2 hours. Pleasantly pink, super tender, and very juicy, my only complaint was the pork itself didn't taste as " porky" as I expected. I'll be taking up that matter with the provisioner. Also, the next time I plan on doing the sear on the grill or on a hot plate in the garage. It got a tad smoky in the kitchen. I'm looking forward to rib-eye steaks purchased from my local Publix. Again, I want to thank all who advised me. I'm sure I'll be showing up here again with more questions. What a great site! ADV

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