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I am looking for some help with keeping the green vegetable green. I have a vegetable mix that we want to use in our restaurant but am having some issues with the sous vide process. The mix contains green beans, broccoli, sugar snap peas and sweet onions. The problem is keeping the bag under water and then the vegetable not staying green. Some advice please.

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a little acid... such as lemon juice.
or vitamin C solution in the bag.
Adding acid is scientifically incorrect as explained in this article:

The article suggests that the best way to cook green vegetables and keep the colour is to cook sous vide at 100C or as near as possible for as little time as possible. It seems that the longer you cook for and keep warm then the more colour you will lose.

The best solution would appear to be to cook the vegetables individually sous vide at high temp until just done and cool rapidly.

If the purpose of having them in a bag together is about portioning them then you could do the individual cooking/cooling earlier in the day and re-bag then quickly re-heat for service.

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