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Hello All,

I'm brand new to sous vide cooking after getting a sous vide supreme for xmas.

I've already prepared a few meals that have been a big hit...this is truly exciting and is opening up so many creative opportunites.

I just want to thank Jason for this excellent forum to share ideas/recipes/questions etc.

Thanks you!

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Thanks NEMplsJW, glad to have you as part of the sous viding crew now!
Hi NEMplsJW:

I too am a newbie. I got the PolyScience Professional Immersion Circulator for Christmas and have been playing with it. So far, I have done scallops, pork chops and carrots which were all excellent, fennel which needed a highert temperature and a boiled egg - the white was too runny. Lots of fun, though. Jason has been very helpful and quick to respond to my questions. Thank you Jason!
Eggs can be dunked in boiling water for 30s to firm the whites or as Keller suggests, plate first to allow the runnier white to escape then serve on your dish of choice.

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