Machine choice help please Sous Vide Supreme or Demi?

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Just getting started and interested in SV cooking. Not sure which machine to go for - we regularly entertain, and there's usually 4 of us round the table, though sometimes 6 of us in total. There is quite a price difference between the two machines - yet the physical dimensions are very similar. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. David

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I have the demi as I wanted to try SV cooking before committing to a greater expense. It is not large enough to cook for 6 people IMHO. I'll be buying a PolyScience SV Professional once I have absolutely exhausted the possibilities of the Demi but I would not recommend it as it really cannot cook that much and if you fill it with too much, it cannot maintain the same temperature throughout. Hope this helps.
I have the demi. There's only two people in my household, however whenever we use it, we cook enough for leftovers throughout the week. So I think it could possible feed 4 people. I think it depends on how often you plan to cook sousvide, and obviously how much your family eats. It can easily cook 6 chicken breasts at once. We also cook large bags of veggies.

I debated between the full size and the demi as well. If you're able to shop from, they have a full sousvide demi kit which includes a vacuum sealer and bags for an affordable price. Since I am still new to sousvide, I wants to get a full setup without investing too much money before deciding if I really liked to cook sous vide.

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