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Bought a Sous Vide supreme today. What are the top tips?

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Always make sure you sear after you sous vide it and make sure the pan or grill is real HOT and the meat is real DRY. You don't want to cook it for more than a minute per side or it will over cook it.
There's also another thread with some good advice: What should a sous vide newbie know.
Thanks Jason - did a steak for tea tonight - I went for 1 hour at 140F - steak ended up well done which wasn't nice but way more tender than if grilled. Asparagus worked well though!
Couple tips for the SVS:
1) To speed up heating, run hot tap water and pour in before heating. That can cut 15-20 minutes off heating times.
2) Be careful on the aromatics! A little goes a long way in sous vide since it is vacuum tight. You can create "Thyme bombs" if your over zealous
3) Garlic doesn't sous vide that well. Use garlic powder if you want that aromatic
4) Green vegetables don't really sous vide that well. Blanching directly in water works a lot better for chemical reasons I won't go into here.
5) One of the easiest and most texture transformative things to cook sous vide is chicken. Chicken breasts cooked at 145F for 1-2 hours creates an incredible melt in your mouth buttery cream meal!

Hope this helps
Yeah, chicken is really great. I prefer 141F but it's amazing how moist it is.

I prefer my steaks at 131F, that way they are nice and medium-rare. If you like rib eye steaks another great dish is doing a chuck steak at 131 for 2 to 3 days. It comes out super tender and really flavorful, plus it's about 1/4 the cost of rib eyes.

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