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Just had my first attempt at a long cook with mixed results.

Brined a piece of brisket then cooked it for 60h at 60c. When i opened the bag up had a lot of juice run out, the meat was soft but quite dry. Any ideas why my meat juice seperated from the meat like that, did i cook too long or too high ?

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All I can say is that mine was exactly the same. Brisket may just not be suitable for SV.
I did veal brisket a couple of weeks ago, I did it 48h @ 62C, with salt and some rendered bacon fat in the bag.

The result was on the dry side (but not as bad as I feared), very tender and the resulting sauce tasted incredible.

I compared the beef brisket and veal brisket in the shop, and I'd not do it with beef. I think brisket is probably not the easiest meat for sits vide, and if you do it, get a good piece of meat to work with.

As I feared the worst and had guests over for dinner, I did two duck breasts sits vide as a backup plan. After searing the meat we started eating, and agreed it was good. The duck breasts then went into ice water, otherwise
I would just have served them 5 minutes later.
I normally do mine at 131F / 55c or 135F / 57. That way it seems to dry out much less.
Here's another thread talking about sous vide beef brisket And here's a post on SVKitchen talking about sous vide brisket as well:
Thanks for the replies, I'd read a bit about brisket and results seemed to vary a lot for people from it being the best thing ever to a lump of rubber.

Seems like one where SV doesnt guarantee the result.
I have found that 75°C for about 24 hours works fine with the brisket made from Dexter cattle and hung for two weeks.

A lot of the problem comes over what is called brisket. If you read up carefully, you'll see that there's some confusion over the cut, and therefore what turns out right.
As Ian said various butchers will interpret what brisket is somewhat differently. I've been completely happy with a 48hr cook at 55 deg with a dash of liquid mesquite smoke thrown in.

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