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Sous vide is a very complex process and there is much more to learn about it besides what we cover at There is more and more good information available about sous vide cooking. Here are some resources to help you continue to learn more. We'll try to keep this list updated as we find new sources of information.

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I also have a guide to general modernist cooking resources.

Sous Vide Books

Beginning Sous Vide

By Jason Logsdon
Our main sous vide book is 210 pages and available as a paperback cookbook from or as a PDF download. You can also download a sample of it. It has 100 recipes for beef, pork, fish, vegetables, chicken, duck, lamb, and turkey and over 400 sous vide time and temperature combinations across 175 cuts of meat and types of fish and vegetables. It also has comparisons of common sous vide setups including our recommendation for the "Beginning Home Setup", which only costs a few hundred dollars.
Via Amazon | Beginning Sous Vide PDF | Beginning Sous Vide Sample Download

Sous Vide Grilling

By Jason Logsdon
Our latest sous vide book uses sous vide with the most basic and fun of cooking methods: Grilling! It's packed with 95 different recipes that combine sous vide and grilling and it has specific chapters on grilling favorites such as kebabs, hamburgers and grilled sandwiches, sausages and hot dogs, salads and classic BBQ dishes.
Via Amazon | Sous Vide Grilling PDF

Under Pressure

By Thomas Keller
This sous vide book shows you the extent of what is possible through sous vide cooking. The recipes aren?t easy, and they require a lot of work but they can provide great inspiration for dishes of your own. If you are interested in expanding your concept of what can be accomplished through cooking then this is a must have.

Cooking for Geeks

By Jeff Potter
If you are interested in the Geekier aspects of cooking then this book does a great job. It takes you through the basics of setting up your kitchen all the way up to kitchen hacks and sous vide cooking.

On Food and Cooking

By Harold McGee
This is the ultimate guide to the scientific aspects of cooking. If you like to know why things happen in the kitchen, at every level, you?ll find this book fascinating.

Sous Vide Holiday Cookbook

By MD Mary Dan Eades
A nice short sous vide book with about 2 dozen holiday recipes, the majority of which are done with sous vide.

Cooking Sous Vide: A Guide for the Home Cook

By Jason Logsdon
My first sous vide book and the first book written exclusively for the home cook learning sous vide. Most of the information from it has been updated and adapted for inclusion in this book.

Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking

By Nathan Myhrvold
This isn?t out at the time of publishing but it aims to be the bible of modernist cuisine. It?s over 2,400 pages costs $500 and was several years in the making. If you are serious about learning the newly developing modernist techniques then this might be worth the investment.

Sous-Vide Cuisine

By Joan Roca
From the authors: ?we propose our book, as a progression that involves three concepts of sous-vide: Storage, Cooking and Cuisine.? Be sure to get a copy of this sous vide book that is in English, as many copies are not.

Sous Vide for the Home Cook

By Douglas Baldwin
Baldwin helped to define and codify home sous vide cooking with his free online guide. His sous vide book is a nice intro to the subject, including food safety, and has many simple recipes to follow.

Sous Vide: Cooking in a Vacuum

By Viktor Stampfer
A collection of some of Viktor?s best sous vide recipes. Be sure to get a copy that is in English, as many copies are not.

Modern Gastronomy: A to Z

By Ferran Adria
From the Author: "A dictionary of present-day cooking, Modern Gastronomy: A to Z puts equal emphasis on the nature of ingredients, their reactions, and the processes they undergo to create the final product. You can quickly look up and find, in plain language, everything you need to know about the science of cooking and the art of combining flavors and textures."

Sous Vide Websites

Cooking Sous Vide

This is the main sous vide website where I contribute sous vide articles. We update it regularly with original recipes and news from around the sous vide community. There are also community features such as forums and question and answer pages.


A very nice site on sous vide cooking. They touch on everything from standard sous vide swordfish to making your own preserved lemons with sous vide.

Sous Vide: Recipes, Techniques & Equipment

A very long forum string from eGullet, about 98 pages long at this time that covers almost everything you need to know about sous vide if you have the time to look through it all. I suggest starting near the end and working towards the front.

eGullet Index

Recently eGullet indexed their thread and you can see what information is inside much better now.

Fifty Four Degrees

This sous vide website has some fantastic sous vide recipes and techniques.

Sous Vide Supreme

A nice collection of sous vide recipes from around the web.

Sous Vide Cooking

Good technical reviews and detailed sous vide information.

Harvard Lecture Reviews

The videos of lots of great cooking and science speakers are now available. It's not all sous vide but almost all of them are interesting.

Sous Vide Apps

Cooking Sous Vide Time and Temperature Reference

A reference guide with over 400 time and temperature combinations for 175 cuts of meat and types of vegetables and fish. It's available on the iPhone and iPad, as well as the Android. You can search in the app store for "Sous Vide" and ours should be near the top, published by "Primolicious".

Sous Vide Gear

Sous Vide Shirts, Hats, and Mugs

If you want to show off your love of sous vide cooking there are some good products here.

Sous Vide Guides, Papers, and Research

Beginning Sous Vide Sample Chapters

The first 6 chapters of our new book. This free PDF covers the history and science of sous vide, how to choose sous vide equipment and a section of recipes.

Practical Guide to Sous Vide

Written by Douglas Baldwin, this is one of the best guides available for the scientific principles behind sous vide cooking and a pioneering work in home sous vide cooking.

USDA Guide Time and Temperature Guide

The US government guide to poultry and beef cooking times.

Serious Eats Sous-Vide 101

One of a series of guides on sous vide cooking at Serious Eats.

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