How to Use Pectin in the Kitchen

Pectin has long been used in the United States to make jams and jellies. It comes in two varieties, high-methoxyl (HM) and low-methoxyl (LM). HM Pectin works best with low pH ingredients while LM pectin is commonly used with high pH ingredients, especially to make jellies and jams.

Where to Buy Pectin

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How Much Pectin to Use

It is typical to use 0.3-1.0% for HM pectin and 0.5-3.0% for LM pectin applications.

Dispersion and Hydration of Pectin

Either pectin can be dispersed in cold water by blending, and then heated until it dissolves. The liquid is then cooled, causing the pectin to gel. HM pectin must be in acidic liquids with high sugar concentrations. LM pectin requires the presence of calcium to gel.

Pectin Recipes and Articles

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