Sous Vide Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone that participated in the Holiday Book Contest. We had a lot of new sign ups to the Sous Vide Newsletter and a ton of posts to the Sous Vide Forums, it's great to see everyone's contributions to building this community of sous vide lovers.

It's also pretty humbling to find how spread out the members of our community are. Our winners ranged from a recent sous vide convert from Arizona to an ex-Australian circus cook turned piemaker in Vietnam, to a proud family cook in Israel, and a moose hunter (and moose sous vider) in Utah.

Who Won?

The random winners of the signed books were Jonathan Kovler selected from the newsletter and Dayle Thomas selected from the sous vide forums.

The "most helpful" post and "best topic" awards were hard to hand out because there was so much good content generated. I finally decided on "Doc Tempest" for his multiple posts to our What Should a Sous Vide Newbie Know and Crock Pot vs Rice Cooker topics as well as others.

The author of the "Best Topic" on the forums went to Jewel for her Cooking with Liquid Marinades post. I also enjoyed Brian's Lutefisk post, Dayle's Moose Miralce! post, and Sous Vide Cooking Times vs Thickness by Steve.

Congrats to Jonathan Kovler, Dayle Thomas, Jewel Garcia, and Tsc "Doc" Tempest, your signed copies of Beginning Sous Vide will be on their way shortly. To get some further insight I asked them to provide some information about themselves and sous vide.

More Information on Our Winners

Here's is some more information about them in their own words.

Jonathan Kovler, Israel

I take pride in the food I serve my family and strive to deliver my best each and every time whether it be a 5 course meal or simply a boiled egg.

With Sous Vide I feel assured that any cooked offering will always be of consistent and repeatable quality.

Based on the enthusiastic comments and requests for second helpings I can safely say that Sous Vide has revolutionized my cooking style.

Dayle Thomas, Utah

I am the person who bought my Sous Vide as a full-proof and genius method to prepare my moose. As my Christmas gift to my friends and co-workers, I made three batches of pulled-moose (about 16-17 lbs worth); sauced it with barbecue, put it in decorative containers, along with a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce, a block of cheddar cheese and a dozen hamburger buns for each family....... and now I'm a heroine! Everyone thought that was an incredible and unique gift! Thank you Sous Vide!!! I'm still a beginner Sous Vide-r, but so far - what an incredible appliance and it's definitely worth every dollar!

I'm looking forward to trying more new recipes and adapting them for my personal favorite; fully organic moose meat!

Tsc "Doc" Tempest, Australia / Vietnam

A recent convert to sous vide cooking, Tsc - a former Circus Cook, Photographer, and now Pie Maker; modified his own slow cooker to further explore this technique for the benefit of his family and friends. His blog is "The Baitlayer - A circus cook's diary".

Jewel Garcia, Arizona

I got my Sous Vide supreme for the holidays. I was absolutely frightened to start cooking with it until I spent some time reading your listserv and recipes. I took the plunge with chicken breasts. Slicing each breast to a uniform thickness. Salt & peppered, then placed in individual seal a meal bags. Added 1 Tbl of butter & 3 Tbl of Marsala wine with each breast. Sealed and then poached in the Sous vide.

When finished. I open the bags and poured the liquid into a sauce pan, brought to boil and reduced the liquid by one half. Sliced 1 lb of crime mushrooms and 2 Tbl of butter to the liquid and added the mushrooms. Plated the chicken breast poured over the mushrooms and the rest is history.

One month later and I've not baked, saute, or grilled a piece of meat! Just me and Sous Vide. It's so simple to include any liquid marinade of choice with your meat, for a flavorful tender meal. The Sous Vide is helping me enjoy meat and fresh veggies once again. My carbohydrate intake is decreasing because I'm filling with vegetables and meat instead.

I Thank You Jason, for your quick response, and jump starting my passion for enjoying food a whole new way.

Congrats Again to Our Winners!

Due to the great response we will probably be doing another book contest sometime in the future. Thanks again to everyone that participated.

Thanks and happy sous viding!
Jason Logsdon
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