Sous Vide: 2009's Trendy Food

As always, one of the popular things to do this January is to predict what food trends will happen in 2009. What is different this year is that sous vide cooking is showing up on many of the lists.

Here's what some of the publications had to say:
#1 Sous vide at home: High-end restaurants have been using sous vide, a technique in which food is vacuum-packed and cooked at precise temperatures, for several years. Now this exacting method, which requires less fat yet results in juicy, intensely flavorful dishes, is trickling down to the home chef. Per Se chef Thomas Keller's latest cookbook, "Under Pressure," focuses on sous vide; upscale cookware chain Sur La Table recently started offering sous vide appliances; and ambitious home cooks are trading tips online.
- Know News, reporting 2009 Trends
#3 And we may see more home-kitchen experimentation with the sous-vide process of cooking under vacuum, with retailers such as Sur La Table beginning to sell home sous-vide equipment and the recent publication of uber-chef Thomas Keller???s new Under Pressure: Cooking Sous Vide.
- Dallas-Fort Worth Star Telegram
Upcoming food trend: Sous-vide. When the price of the equipment comes down, it will revolutionize cooking as we know it.
Fort Meyers News-Press, Profile of Chef James Hudson @ J Bistro
We can't fault them too much as it does appear that everything is lining up for sous vide to hit the mainstream. We have Keller's book Under Pressure: Cooking Sous Vide, cheaper equipment like SousVideMagic and other sous vide controllers, and more and more chefs using it. This all contributes to a general awareness of sous vide that has not been there before.
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