Modernist Potluck: Summer Reading

Just when you think you've seen everything, has a video article on Syracuse University grilling steaks over lava! In case you don't get your lava flow grill set up in time, has a nice in depth look by at types of steaks and more traditional grilling. You can also turn to sous vide with my sous vide chuck steak. If venison is more your thing, Stephan Gourmet explains how to cook a shoulder cut sous vide.

You can serve your main course with some spicy pickles, fattoush or sous vide fennel confit.

Fennel confit

Ever wonder what different foods would look like if they were turned into cubes? Well, you're in luck then!

For some good reads, there is a colorfully written New York Times article on Italy's esteemed olive oil business. Danielle Pergament met with 6 of the region's most respected olive oil producers an olive oil farm just outside of Florence to get the inside scoop on the intricacies of this long standing tradition. Michael Ruhlman tours an oyster farm. And Serious Eats looks at why good cheese is expensive. For a final refreshing read, the New York Times looks at shrubs, something I also cover in my upcoming book on infusions.

What have you been reading lately?
Let me know in the comments below!

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