Modernist Cooking Made Easy Site Redesign

Through December and January I've been working hard on a redesign of the current site. There were a lot of issues I wanted to address and I thought I'd share the biggest changes with you.

Better Design

For a modernist cooking website, the old website design definitely wasn't very modern! The new design is much cleaner, better laid out, earier to navigate, and will hopefully result in a better reading experience.

Great at Any Size

The old design was very hard to use on a phone and even some tablets. The new design is optimized to work great on any device at any size. You should now be able to easily browse my recipes and information from your phone or tablets with an optimized viewing experience.


To help foster more communication with all you great readers I've added comments to all the pages on the site. You can view them at the bottom of each article or recipe. I'm using the Disqus commenting system, which is a pretty common system but I'm also allowing guest posts as well.

A Picture is Worth...

The old site was very text heavy and the images were small and hidden away. I've now bumped up the image sizes and gone to several image-based pages, such as the modernist recipes pages, that should be easier to use and give you better inspiration when you're scanning through them.

A More Active Blog

I've had a bunch of ideas for articles that just haven't fit into the old structure of the site. I've decided to start posting them on the new blog. Some of these are "Ask Jason", the "Modernist Potluck", and general articles like Troubleshooting Your Whipping Siphon.

If you have comments on the new design, see anything wrong, or really like something, please don't hesitate to let me know on Facebook or Twitter!

Jason logsdon headshot This article is by me, Jason Logsdon. I'm an adventurous home cook and professional blogger who loves to try new things, especially when it comes to cooking. I've explored everything from sous vide and whipping siphons to pressure cookers and blow torches; created foams, gels and spheres; made barrel aged cocktails and brewed beer. I have also written 10 cookbooks on modernist cooking and sous vide and I run the website.
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