Ideas in Food: Great Recipes and Why They Work Review

Ideas in food

Ideas in Food: Great Recipes and Why They Work by Ali Kamozawa and H. Alexander Talbot is perfect for anyone who loves food, and is the ideal handbook for unleashing creativity, intensifying flavors, and pushing one's cooking to new heights.

Alex Talbot and Aki Kamozawa are husband-and-wife chefs and the forces behind the popular blog Ideas in Food and the Kitchen Alchemy column of Popular Science magazine. They have made a living out of being inquisitive in the kitchen. Their culinary pedigree includes Clio in Boston and a slew of smaller kitchens and consultancies. In the modernist cyber kitchens, Alex and Aki are royalty.

Their book is organized into two parts, the first for the serious home cook and second for culinary professionals. For home cooks, Aki and Alex look at everyday ingredients and techniques in new ways. They explain in simple detail why each step is taken in the recipe so these topics are truly demystified once and for all; you are left feeling like you've grown to be a more confident cook and not just blindly followed someone's instructions.

The techniques in the second part of Ideas in Food are not necessarily more difficult, but simply address newer food products and applications such as "meat glue", liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide which most home cooks would not likely have on hand. Even though this section is designed to appeal to professional cooks, these more advanced techniques aren't unreachable for serious foodies and can easily fit into a home kitchen.

The Ideas in Food book contains 320 pages of clarifying both the science behind and the techniques of creating great food. Aki and Alex explain the scientific information in such a clear way that even the most science-phobic person will be able to understand why eggs cook the way they do. Surprisingly the book was produced without any pictures, sketches, drawings or even graphical imagery, making the book an even less desirable selection for casual home cooks.

Ideas in Food explores techniques that are geared towards professional cooks but interesting and instructive for passionate foodies as well. With primers and detailed usage guides for the pantry staples of molecular gastronomy, Ideas in Food informs readers how these ingredients can transform food in miraculous ways when used properly. This handbook was written by a qualified team who did the homework for us so we can easily gain the knowledge and put out even greater dishes. This is one worthy book for the library of any experienced cook or foodie's who cares about the inner workings of their food.

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