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Sweet Paprika

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Like other types of paprika, Sweet paprika also comes from the fruits of the Capsicum annum that belongs to the Solanaceae family. Native to northern South America and southern North America, capsicum annum grow perennially in shrubs. It has single white blooms and its berries from which sweet paprika is made, may be green, yellow or red when ripe. These fruits vary in shape and size depending on variety and have less pungency due to the small amounts of capsaicin found in it compared to other species.

Capsicum used for sweet paprika is allowed to fully ripen before being processed. This gives the fruit berries as much as 6% sugar content. Once ripe, the capsicum are fully dried then ground into a powder that has a deep red color. Sweet paprika has a mild flavor with sweetness and little pungency to it. This also carries a sweet and aromatic scent.

In cooking, sweet paprika is used to add color and enhance flavor rather than adding heat to a dish. It is a common ingredient in Hungarian and Spanish cooking, being used in many different savory dishes. Sweet paprika mixes well with seafood, meat, chicken, rice, sausages, potatoes, veal, lamb and cauliflower among other things.

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