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Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world. It comes from the stigmas of the Crocus sativus flower or the saffron crocus that belongs to the Iridaceae family native to Southwest Asia. Originating from the cocus cartwrightianus, of Central Asia the saffron flower is a small purple bloom with three bright red-orange stigmas. Also known as saffron threads, these are manually removed and dried, resulting in the spice used for cooking.

Top grade saffron carries a uniform red-orange color. When added to food it gives of a golden-yellow coloring due to the carotenoid dye contained in it. Aside from this distinct color it also has an aromatic fragrance that is strongly perfumes and with hints of honey and grass in it.

This also has a similar sweet honey and hay-like flavor that is quite strong. With its pungent smell, taste and color even a small amount of saffron will go a long way when cooking.

Used in a wide range of dishes worldwide, saffron is added to French bouillabaisse, Italian risotto, Indian biryani, Spanish paella and many more. Often used to add both color and flavor to food it blends well with rice, soup, seafood, lamb, fish, chicken and curry among other things.

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