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Information for Rosemary

A perennial evergreen herb, rosemary also known botanically as rosamarinus officinalis comes from the lamiaceae family. Native to Asia and the Mediterranean region, this grows in a shrub like manner and has small needle like leaves which are green on top and white on the bottom with short woolly hairs throughout. Its blooms are white to pink or purple to deep blue in color.

As a highly aromatic herb rosemary has a strong smell that can be similar to mustard when being roasted. A fresh sprig on the other hand will have a scent that is similar to eucalyptus or camphor. Its flavor is resinous and slightly bitter taste that may have a mixture of wood, pine, sweet mint and ginger undertones to it. Its unique flavor and aroma compliments well with many different foods.

This herb is a popular ingredient in many Italian dishes since rosemary goes well with tomatoes. The flavor of rosemary also mixes well with fish, pork, game, veal, poultry and beef especially when these are roasted. It also compliments and enhances the flavor of many fruits and vegetables including tomatoes, spinach, potatoes, squash, mushrooms and peas. Moreover it also goes well with cheese, eggs, legumes and other spices like bay leaf, thyme, parsley, chives and chervil.

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