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Orange Peel

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Similarly to lemon peel, orange peel refers to the outermost covering of the orange fruit, not including the pith. Coming from the citrus aurantium or bitter orange of the rutaceae family, this fruit peel or pericarp is thick with a bright orange color and shiny outer skin. Being highly aromatic , it has a strong smell that is sweet and pleasant. Flavor wise, it leans towards the bitter side more than the sweet.

In the same way as lemon peel, orange peel has a high oil content making it suitable for baking. This gives it good flavor that easily seeps through, giving baked goods a citrus taste. The dehydrated and powdered peels carry a much stronger flavor than the fresh ones, and should be used in lesser amounts. These are three times more potent and should be diluted in water before use.

Orange peel makes a big difference when added into dessert dishes such as pies, cookies and even breads. In European cooking, it is also often added into venison and other meat stews, while Cantonese cuisine uses it for the creation of sweet and sour pork. This also mixes well with pork, poultry and other types of meat as well as with many different vegetables.

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