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Nutmeg is produced from an evergreen tree of the same name that comes from the genus Myristica. Native to the Banda Islands of the Spice Islands or Moluccas, in Indonesia, nutmeg is produced from the seed of the tree. It is housed inside an edible fruit which is yellow and spotted.

The seed is egg shaped and covered with a bright red aril from which mace is taken. The nutmeg seed is about 1" (2.5 cm) in length having wrinkled dark brown skin on the outside, and light brown skin on the inside. Fragrance wise its aroma can be described as nutty and sweet. Likewise, its warm resinous flavor carries some hints of nuttiness as well as sweetness.

Nutmeg comes in a powdered form, however many professionals prefer to use freshly grated nutmeg since it easily loses its flavor. This spice is often used in dishes which are sweet, savory and spicy and is a common ingredient in many native dishes throughout the world.

Many baked cakes and pastries also incorporate nutmeg. Its delicate taste makes it go well with many different foods. Some of the things that mix well with nutmeg include eggs, custard cheese, milk, potatoes, cauliflower, raisins, pumpkins, veal and sausage.

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