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Lemon Peel

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Lemon peel refers to the outermost rind or zest of lemons or citrus limons. It does not include the pith or white membrane which covers the fruit. This is typically a bright yellow color that is shiny and textured throughout.

The lemon skin is removed from the fruit, separated from the pith then dehydrated and chopped or ground. Dehydrated lemon peel pieces are often dark yellow in color, while powder types are light yellow in color.

With its high oil content, lemon peel is a common ingredient in many baking recipes. It has a strong citrus taste accompanied by a pleasant aroma. Aside from being used in baking it is also used in the preparation of both sweet and savory dishes, marinades, dressings, desserts, mulling spices and tea. It goes well with seafood, vegetables, meat, poultry and rice.

Dried lemon peel is three times as potent as the fresh version, and should be used accordingly. Dehydrated lemon peel must also be reconstituted in water before being used for cooking or baking. This can be done by soaking pieces in water and letting it sit for about 15 minutes. Lemon peel granules may also be used this way to produce a fresh lemon taste.

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