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Lavandula, also known as lavender is a popular herb coming from the genus Lamiaceae. There are 39 different species of this herb that belongs to the mint family. This can be found from southern Europe to eastern Africa, through the Mediterranean, in south west Asia and south east India.

Lavender is native to the Old World and has both annual and perennial herbaceous plants. These grow in a shrub-like manner with leaf shapes differing according to species. The shrub is studded with flowers borne on whorls that are set upon spikes growing above the greens. The spikes are collected and processed before it blooms to prevent the loss of flavor.

These unopened flowers and leaves are used in many different ways in the kitchen. Lavender nectar may be extracted, or the flowers and leaves incorporated in dishes. Stems and buds may also be used when dried. This herb has a strong perfumed scent that is matched with a flowery flavor with some minty undertones.

Lavender goes well with a variety of ingredients including lamb, rabbit, poultry, fruits, cakes and breads. Aside from this it also blends with other herbs and spices such as rosemary, sage, fennel, thyme, oregano and savory.

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