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Ginger root is an underground stem of the zingiber officinale plant from the zingiberaceae family. This plant is subtropical, originating from South Asia and eventually spread to the Caribbean and East Arica. Ginger is grown mainly for its rhizome which is used both for cooking and medicinal purposes.

The root is knobby and firm usually having tan skin that is thin when ginger is harvested early and thicker as it matures. On the inside it is striated with the flesh ranging in color from ivory to red depending on variety. However, more common types are usually yellow in the inside.

Flavor wise, ginger is peppery and mildly sweet with a zing in it. It also has a strong fragrance that can be very distinct. Often, ginger is used to add zest as well as a specific flavor to a dish. It is a common ingredient in many South Asian dishes and is an essential element in Japanese, Chinese and Korean cooking.

On the other hand, ginger may also be eaten as is when pickled or candied. Its juice is also often extracted and used to create tea. Baked items such as cookies and crackers may also be made with this spice.

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