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Scientifically known as allium sativum and fondly dubbed the stinking rose, garlic is a species which belongs under the onion genus. It has a similar bulb like appearance to onions with thin membrane like encased sections known as cloves. This grows up to 2' (60 cm) and is characterized by hermaphrodite blooms. On the inside, it has both white skin and flesh that carries a very strong and distinct aroma.

The use of garlic dates back to more than 6000 years ago, with its origins tracing back to central Asia. This spice is commonly used in Asian, European and African cooking. Using garlic as seasoning is an excellent way to increase flavor and add aroma to a dish. At the same time, it may also add to the nutritional benefits of the dish.

More often than not, garlic is used as a basic ingredient in cooking and is commonly used alongside onions, tomatoes and or ginger. The smell and taste given off by this spice depends on the cooking methods used. It can be used with bread to add flavor, it may also be used with oil to create an infusion and it pairs well with most anything ranging from meat to vegetables.

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