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Chervil is an annually-grown herb that is part of the parsley family. A plant native to the mountainous regions of Caucasus, Chervil prefers to grow in chilly locations with light shades and moisture-laden soils. It is regularly harvested to keep a steady supply. The Chervil plants grow to 16" to 28" (40 to 71 cm) in height, bearing curly leaflets with small white flowers. It also produces lean and oblong-shaped fruits.

Also called "gourmet's parsley", Chervil is usually used as a seasoning to flavor dishes. It's a versatile herb that can be added to jazz up vegetables, poultry, and seafood. Particularly in Italy and France, Chervil is mixed into sauces, salads, soups, and omelettes.

The white Chervil flowers are also ingredients in salads. Chervil has a delicate taste with just a slight zip of lemon-anise or licorice flavoring. Since the herb is fragile, some of its flavors may be lost due to long cooking. Chervil is best used as a garnish and salad or soup topper.

Finally, Chervil is useful as a treatment for reducing high blood pressure. As recent studies suggest, Chervil-infused vinegar can alleviate hiccups. It is also a mild stimulant that aids proper digestion. Chervil is also used in slug prevention.

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