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What is Siphon?

Technically, a siphon is a bent tube or pipe forming unequal legs made from plastic, glass or other materials which draws out liquid through the use of pressure. There are a number of different types of siphons, including the siphon bottle.

Also known as a soda syphon or seltzer bottle, this is a pressurized bottle equipped with a valve and vent. Originally designed to contain carbonated water, the aerated liquid is pushed out of the tube due to the pressure within the bottle that becomes present when the valve is opened.

In modern cooking, siphons are used for more than preparing carbonated drinks. These are often used to prepare culinary foams and other aerated dishes.

Today’s siphons are no longer made from glass cylinders, but from stainless containers. These come equipped with a variety of attachments that allow for the creation of various culinary preparations such as whipped cream, filled dishes, sugar blown concoctions and more.

It can be filled with a variety of liquid substances including juices and purees. The use of a siphon for preparations makes way for more creative dishes with variations in texture and deeper flavors.

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